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Monday, February 06, 2006

How many times can I say Clapotis?

Ok, so, all of these people have been asking me lately if I have a blog. And then I have to confess to them that yes, I do, but I have never posted anything on it, even though it has been up for over a year- yes, I am a loser. So anyway, for those of you who know me, you already know what I do, so you can skip this part. For those who don't know me, I am a freelance graphic designer based in the San Francisco bay area. In my abundant free time (hah!) I like to design knitting patterns, which can be found at knitty here and here and here. Yes, some day I will make a pattern that comes in different sizes.

So I know that you are dying to know- "Left Coast Knitter," you are saying, "What is it that you are knitting right now? What scrumpdillyiciuos yarn is on your needles?" Well ok, since you are dying to know and all, I'll tell ya what I'm knitting- It's a
Clapotis. Yes, Virginia, there is actually a knitter left who has yet to knit a Clapotis- but not for long. I have actually been pining to knit this- it is so cool, so hip, so chi chi, so Clapotis-y... but I just never got around to it. So, this weekend, when I went to my friend Rachel's knitting store (and may I say that Rachel had the nerve not to be there, even though I did not tell her that I was coming so she had absolutely NO reason at all to avoid the store that morning) The Knitting Basket, and when I got there I was struck dumb by the selection (it was so fab!) and thus unable to come to any decision what so ever as to what to buy. But then, lo, there it was, in a basket between the cash register and some books- a skein of Lorna's Laces Helen's lace in "denim" that just had Clapotis written all over it. So I bought it and got to Clapotising. Here's the damage so far:

Since the yarn is lace weight I have to add like a million extra repeats of the increase rows (ok, maybe only three) and another million rows to the body (or a few inches or so), but I can tell already that the scarf is going to be bee-you-tiful. And did I mention that the yarn rocks? It is wool and silk, and although it pretty much kept to itself until I started to knit with it, once it really got going it got that "I'm going to be a Clapotis" shine going on. Woohoo!

1 That's what you say!:

Blogger Ceallach said...

Yeah, she's posting, she's blogging....

And lo, the Left Coast Knitter posted to her blog and it was good.

Halleluia, in excelsius deo

LCK, rest assured that now that you are Clapotis-ing, I am the last knitter on the planet sans Clapotis!

4:33 PM  

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