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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Seasons versus sweaters- who will win?

It is spring here in the San Francisco Bay area. Well, actually, here I think that spring starts December 26- we get no snow for Christmas, so once the day has passed we are ready to move on... but whatever. So I sat on my deck for a while in the lovely 65 degree temperatures and knit my Clapotis. Mmmmmm. But while I was out there enjoying myself, I got to thinking about my other projects- the ones that were still inside the house- the ones that I was not working on- the ones that are winter sweaters. Seriously, why do I bother? Winter here is about a week long, and on it's coldest, darkest, most sinister frozen days, the temperature only goes down to about 45 degrees (at which point, just so you know, we all act like we live in the frozen tundra and complain a lot). Yet I persist. Currently I have two winter sweaters going on- one is ready to assemble, and one is on the needles. If I were to spend today assembling the ready to assemble one, I might get to wear it twice (it is light weight!) before it hits 70; the one on the needles is knit from hand spun camel hair and will probably not see the light of day until next December. Honestly, what am I thinking?

On another springy note, all of the daffodils in my yard are in bloom. Aren't they lovely? Now for the reality of the situation...

I dug them up a month ago to plant a tree, and then it started to rain, so I left them there, languishing on the deck. We have not had time to plant the tree yet, so there they sit to this day. They don't seem to care at all- ignorance is bliss, huh?

Last, I will update you on my Clapotis progress:

So there I was happily knitting on the train to San Francisco yesterday morning, and I went to pull some more yarn out of my center pull ball, and urp- it stopped dead. Ok, so I may have wound the ball a little tightly... you know how that goes, right? That big globby mess of yarn lurking in middle of your center pull ball, which is trying to look innocent the whole time? So, last night I spent five and a half harrowing hours (between 9:00p.m. and 2:30 a.m) flogging it into submission. But I did it.

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