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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dishcloth Mania Continues!

You can never have too many dishcloths, right? After all, there are always lots of dishes in the world that need doing. Keeping that in mind, I hit Michaels for their dollar sale of discloth cotton (I only bought five balls of it- I was good!). "Chinese Waves" in Sugar and Cream Faded Denim (not to be confused with Peaches and Creme Faded Denim)

"Grandma's Favorite" in Peaches and Creme Faded Denim, which is ever so slightly lighter in color than the other Faded Denim.

This is more hand dyed cotton- I was rummaging through my stash looking for some other yarn, and lo and behold, I spied something that looked suspiciously like cotton... it was not one, but two skeins of it in two different colorways. I think that they are froma Spinning Guild Dye Day a few years ago. Score!

The leaning tower of dishcloths.

More coming soon- I got a book on ebay!
On another note, one of the great tgings about the Bay Area is that once the holidays have passed, we don't waste any time with more winter- we move right along into spring.

This guy (gal?) was in my yard this morning, partaking of the bird bath.

Here is my hellebore that finally opened...

Daffodils on the way too!

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Those are so pretty!! I ordered some dishcloth books too....

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