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Friday, February 10, 2006

If yer' lookin' fer the sidebar, scroll down- waaaay down.

What is with my sidebar? Why is is all of the way at the bottom of the page? Clearly my mad blogging skillz are lacking. If anyone knows how to fix it, feel free to share!

The olympics start tonight, and Kelley (all hail the queen of hellacious sock knitting) asked me to join YarnHarlot's Knitting Olympics with her- but I chickened out. The pressure... it got to me! I would have to go all out of order on my projects, which I hate (and I hate it because it is inherently wrong). However, mainly because I felt totally left out, I have decided join the Knitting Olympics pep squad (I am one of those cowbell ringing people on the side of the ski races), and make myself finish seaming my black sweater that I copied from Anthropologie (what? You have never shopped Anthropologie? Surely you jest! Go there right now- or don't- maybe your wallet (like mine!) won't survive the damage. Oh go on, be daring, go! But maybe you should put your credit cards in the freezer first.). I was going to show you all a picture of the sweater, but I started it soooooo long ago (as in, um, August) that it has been removed from their site, no doubt because it has been deemed passe... So anyway, I hereby swear on the Olympic Torch and all that that I, Left Coast Knitter, will sew together my black sweater by the time that the Olympics have ended. And I mean these olympics, not the ones that will happen in two years.

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