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Monday, February 13, 2006

Yo yo yo, all you phat knitters out there, are you down with it?

Yo yo, check it- it's
Gangsta Knitter! You down with it? Gangsta Knitter Knit for ME!

The Gangsta Knitters are THE coolest- I only wish I were half as cool as them, and that they would let me join their knitting gang (my gangsta knitter name would be Special-K)! Learn more about them on this week's The Tom and Doug Podcast Episode 5 which features an interview with Knit-Master SSK, and a description of the origins of "Gangsta Knitter."

This phat video was made by the very funny Debbie (KnitMaster SSK), ThomasP and DougDoug at Pisa Designs. Debbie has some really lovely designs (she is deifnitely down with knitting!)- so you should check it!

I have joked with Kelley in the past that our spinning guild should be a gang, and the next spinning guild over in Oakland could be a gang too, and then we could have a turf war that would end with a big rumble and maybe a dance-off. Now I am thinking that maybe the Gangsta Knitters would want to rumble with my spinning guild too... of course, if I got to join the Gangsta Knitters thene there would be this whole conflict of interest thing going on, but I am sure that I could figure something out.

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