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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quilting! (and some knitting)

Lately, I have been doing a little quilting.

I took a beginning quilting class with CPurl at our local quilt shop, In Between Stitches, and instantly became addicted! I have a few completed quilts that I need to photograph, but until then this is a Round Robin starter square that I made:

Lone Star Round Robin Quilt Block

In a Round Robin, each person makes a starter square and then hands it off to the next person, who adds a border to it. It is very fun to see what each person adds, and this Round Robin has 12 people in it, so my quilt will quickly grow from a nine-inch square!

Because I do a fair amount of "remote sewing" at classes and get-togethers (and I plan to attend a few quilting events in the near future that require travel) I bought this recently:

1964 Singer Featherweight 221

I expected it to be lighter in weight than my standard sized sewing machine, and it is- but only if you carry it around without the carry case! Once you add in the weight of the case it is pretty much the same (maybe a little lighter), and once you add in the travel iron and mini-ironing pad that I bought for it, it is definitely heavier! I really love it though; it sews beautifully, it is definitely compact enough to travel with, and frankly it is just super-cool.

On the knitting front, Stitches West happened a few weekends ago!

I didn't go too crazy, but one of the things that I did purchase was the pattern for Autumn Vines Beret, by Alana Dakos, and some lovely Sanguine Gryphon "Bugga!" to knit it with. The pattern was really fun to knit, and I think that the resulting beret is lovely!

Autumn Vines Beret

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3 That's what you say!:

Blogger Manda said...

-gasp- a BLOG POST?! lol j/k

I love your starter square, and your beret is lovely. :D

The sewing machine is adorable, too!

1:13 PM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

You are a quilting prodigy!
Better get a bike lock for that sewing machine!!

10:27 AM  
Blogger Josie said...

That square is so pretty -- and I love your beret!

8:42 PM  

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