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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Knitting the Clap

So my sister Jenny, who also knits, told me that she wants to "knit the clap" one day. I had never heard it referred to in exactly that manner before... Anyway, I have been knitting mine. Ok, I haven't exactly been killing myself over it, but it is bigger, see? It's not like I have been just sitting around eating potato chips all day or anything (don't I wish)- I have been slaving away on my black Anthropologie sweater that I started last August when I was on vacation. I had a few interruptions while knitting it (namely that I decided to knit a throw for my Mother in law for Christmas, and it took for eeeevvvvvveeeerrrrr- but she totally loved it!) I have been trying to finish the Anthropologie sweater before this August... But anyway, the moral of the whole long story is that I have been knitting on my Clapotis, and I would like to finish that by August too so that I can take it with me on vacation.

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