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Friday, March 17, 2006

What? Why would I know my password?

Well, lots of stuff has happened since my last post- mainly, my laptop hard drive failed and I lost all of my data. Which means that, when I go to post on this blog on the desktop computer at my house, I actually have to type in the username and password... which presented a problem or two. On my laptop, those fields would be filled out automatically, and while I can set the desktop to do that too, I still have to log in at least once to have it remember that info. So, ummm, what is my password? And user name, for that matter? That took a little guesswork and a few tries, but I finally got it, obviously.

Ok, so first, I finished my black sweater that I copied from the Anthropologie catalog. Thank god. I have been knitting it for ages, and am beyond glad to not have to be looking at it anymore (except in the mirror when I am wearing it!) However, it has been so dark and gloomy here in Northern California (stupid rain- will it ever stop? It has been raining here for weeks! We are all soggy!) that I cannot get a decent picture of it, so you will just have to look at the buttons that I bought for it for right now! I needed something to place at the middle of the front of the sweater where there is a clasp- I ended up using the two smaller buttons on the lower left and putting one on each side of the clasp. It was a tough decision, though, because all of the buttons that I bought are really excellent- the small ones are the most excellent though. Oh, and I promise to take a decently lit photo of the sweater itself asap, so you don't have to sit there and imagine what it might look like. AND for waiting so patiently, I will see if I can find you an original photo of it from the catalog, so you can compare and contrast.

Next, guess what I am aaalllllmost done with? You got it, the itchy scratchy baby camel hair sweater. I just have to knit about six more inches on the collar and sew up the armpits, and voila, finito! Well, except for that buckle thing- I need some cool buckles for the side to keep it closed. I saw great ones at MJ Trim, but they look like I might need some, ummm, leather-working tools to sew them on and have them look decent- which is a little more involved than I am willing to get. So I have to ponder that issue for a while.

Last, for my final project update (boy is this going to be a short one!)- there it is, my Clapotis. In the bottom of my project basket. Unloved and un-worked-on. The thing is that the only project that I have that I can use to avoid working on the Clap is almost done (ok, I admit it, there is a hat too, but hats can only go so far in terms of sucking up project time!), so veeeery soon it will be my only project. And then I will have to knit it. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad project- it is just one of those projects that is a little repetative (ok, in my case a lot repetative because I used lace weight yarn and had to add a billion extra repeats to compensate), and if I don't pay attention all of the time I am hosed. None the less, shortly I will be banished to the land of Clapotis, and not be released until I am done. Maybe I should bring some tequila.

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Blogger jae said...

I just started Clapotis...Im looking forward to dropping stitches really soon. Im sure your strength will soon be renewed.

12:30 PM  

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