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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The World's oldest intern

Two days a week, I go to San Francisco to be an intern at an uber-cool company that specializes in all aspects of film and video post-production including creative editing and motion graphic design, visual effects, and online editing. (can you tell that I took that direcly from their web site? Not the uber-cool part, though- I added that myself because it really is uber-cool. Uber-uber cool, even.) Yes, I am the world's oldest intern. That is ok, though- I love it there and I get a lot out of it, plus they don't make me do any actual intern stuff like getting coffee, which is cool. So anyway, on my way there today I stopped at Starbucks to get a gimungous non-fat latte, just like I always do, and who was there to greet me but my special friend...

This bird can work it. It scoots in the door when someone walks in, and then starts to work the tables. It scopes out which person has a baked good, and then up it hops, right onto the table top. First it jiggs it's little bird butt up and down for a while, cheeping away the whole time. Then it just sits on your table and looks at you hopefully- if you don't feed it, you have about two minutes (to take it's picture with your phone!) before it moves on to the next table. I do not feed it, but I really really want to. I am just too afraid that the Starbucks people will get mad at me, and then I would have to go to the Starbucks two blocks over to get my gimungous latte.

2 That's what you say!:

Blogger becky said...

Woo hoo on being the oldest intern! [High fives all around.] I'll be the oldest intern myself, I'm sure, when work as one this summer. ARgh.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Left Coast Knitter said...

High five! Go aged interns!

7:41 PM  

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