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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Like a Noni in the Sun

Ok, I am in love.

So I finished knitting my Noni last night. This morning I got to felting it- fun fun fun! It is supposed to be felted with the hottest water that your washer can produce, so I turned off the cold water to my washer- you know, to help things along. There were all of these recommendations to keep taking it out and checking it, etc., but it felted very very nicely. Ok, so it is not exactly the dimensions that it was intended to be- it is more of a Noni tote than a Noni bag, but whatever. It is supremely cool.

Here it is drying in the sun- I am so excited about it that while it dried I made a piece for the bottom to keep it flat, and marked the lining so it is ready to be cut and sewn together. I also located some black piping to trim the top with. Tonight is assembly night! This entire project took only four days to knit (knitting late in the evening, only- not knitting all day for four days (don't I wish I could knit all day for four days!), and I have had barely any knitting time lately. Next I am going to make a pink and orange striped roll bag with DillyDally Knitter (except hers is going to be pink and green, I think) and then another elephant foot bag, but in tangerine. Oh, and I am going to fool with the dimensions- this one came out to be 24.5 inches around by 9 inches tall, and it is supposed to be 22 inches around by 11 inches tall. More like the average bag, rather than the supermodel bag... finished pics tomorrow!

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Blogger Heatherly said...

my semi local yarn store has noni bag patterns... should i pick one up?

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