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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Speak no evil!!!

I am supposed to be working, but instead I have been looking for buttons for my cardigan. I have a button box (who doesn't?) that is chock full of options, but I wanted certain ones. Ones that I knew I had somewhere- apparently that somewhere was not the button box (after all, why keep buttons in your button box? That would take all of the challenge out of finishing your hand knitted garment.). So I got to looking. I found the buttons that I wanted in my stash cabinet... they were the wrong size. Oh well- an excuse to go button shopping. But while I was rooting around in there, I found all of this other cool stuff! Stuff that I had blocked from my mind. Stuff purchased with a plan... a plan that was probably abandoned before the postman actually got here with the stuff.

Please excuse my very bad photos- yes, it is still raining here. No outdoor light to be found.

Item number one: tiny gold monkey charms. Ooooh aaaaah. They are so tiny! And so gold! In a bag of, like, 50. These are the speak no evil monkeys (no swearing!)- they were listed on eBay as "giggling monkeys" but any halfwit could see that someone was just trying to make the best of a bad situation where hear no evil and see no evil got lost. These were purchased (along with some lovely red suede!) during my "handmade suede knitting bags" phase. I did, incedentally, make one bag, but not from the lovely red suede.

Item number two: red plastic cherry charms. Purchased for the afore-mentioned handmade suede knitting bags. Also in a bag of, like, 50. Am I the only one who is eerily reminded of a male body part?

Item number three: uber-cool pin up girl buttons! How cool are these? Not like you would wear them on a sweater or anything, but they are still the coolest.

Item number four: Slightly less cool than the pin up girls, but still cool anyway buttons. And these you can wear in public, as long as you have a sweater that requires three buttons or less (and you don't mind mixing and matching).

And for all those of you who have been wondering what Kitty has been up to lately, she has been catching up on her TV watching.

2 That's what you say!:

Blogger Ceallach said...

Clearly, as evidenced by the fact that you have 50 cherries/male body parts, and 50 see no evil monkeys, you are meant to share!

I think a Charm Swap is in order....you know a bunch of us get charms that we think are uber cool, or just cool as the case may be, and swap them with each other.

For my part, I have some word charms, as well as some flower and bug charms that are cute.

Then we could each come up with a charm sweater or shawl or socks or something!

I would help you host it, if you like!

1:28 PM  
Blogger becky said...

This is proof that eBay renders some fine treasures now and then. Those "giggling monkeys" [hehe] are priceless!

10:05 AM  

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