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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No, I am not in jail.

You all thought I was dead (or in jail!), didn't you? No such luck- I have been working. Hard. Very very hard. But now, finally, I have a day to breathe- woohoo! SO what's been going on? Loads of stuff!

First, last Thursday night, two excellent knitting pals and I (DillyDallyKnitter and Ceallach) went to the Knitting Guild of America show pre-show market. It was the perfect time to go- we got first pick on the Koigu at FoxyKnits. We got some great goodies at the show, and Ceallach won a door prize (lucky dog!) and made the rest of us feel like the loosers that we were. My haul: some Koigu (how'd ya guess?) some bargain Henry's attic black alpaca yarn (enough for a sweater) some bargain Filatura Di Crosura Pavone (which, like you no doubt, I had never heard of, but it is really pretty) and my uber bargain of the night (possibly of my life)- a 2 lb cone of Loro Piana cashmere (yum!) in a wonderful cocoa color for $20. The funny thing about the cashmere is that when I saw it, another woman had just pulled it out of a big cardboard box of random odds and ends, but she must not have liked the color because she put it back- I don't think she knew that it was cashmere. I loved the color (and you all know of my undying love of cone yarn) so I asked the woman (I was paying for my other bargains at the time) what it was, and she whispered caaaashmere! to me. So I had a quickie look, saw that it was $20, figured it was junk cashmere that would pill all over the place after I knit it, and bought it anyway. It was only later that I actually looked at the tag pasted inside of the cone and saw that it is Loro Piana, which is really good Italian cashmere. Excellent karma, huh?

I went back to the TKGA show on Saturday to take a color knitting class (which was great!) and on my way home, who should walk over and plop down on the bench next to me as I was waiting for my train, but 12 Galaxies Man, complete with sign. So I spent the next 12 minutes while I waited for my train desperately trying to figure out how, how in heavens name, could I get a picture of him? Without asking him, of course. I never quite figured it out, so I went my way (to steal someone elses picture of him) and he went off (probably to Union Square) to educate the greater public about the evils of the 12 galaxies. I have had excellent luck all week since then, and I just know it is because he sat next to me.

Finally, my pink Koigu sweater is just about done- the pieces are all finished being knitted and it just needs to be assembled and have the collar and button band added. Although I am sorely tempted to bore you with a picture of the pile of pieces, I won't- instead I will bore you with a picture of my craaaaazy new knitting bag! How cute is that?

And I have been knitting my curtains!

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Blogger Ceallach said...

Okay, I am trying to figure out how you got 12 Galaxies guy to put Left Coast Knits on his sign....did you notice that??

1:32 PM  
Blogger insaknitty said...

cashmere!! how exciting. and that is a super cute bag. I am coveting your fun new things!

3:32 PM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

While I am still jealous over the $20 cashmere find of the CENTURY, I'm absolutely green with envy over that knitting bag!!!!

P.S. I've heard that *left coast knits is very popular in the 12 Galaxies

6:31 PM  
Blogger becky said...

2lb cone of CASHMERE? And the lady put it back? Better for you. Score!

11:45 PM  

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