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Saturday, April 29, 2006

A 38 year old white woman eating an apple and going to the mall

At our house, we have a Subaru WRX sporty sport wagon to tool around in. For all of those exciting things that we do- you know, buy groceries, pick up takeout- whatever. Coincedentally, the WRX is one of the choice cars for those who like to tart up their cars- namely, teenagers. So this leads to some interesting misunderstandings. Yesterday afternoon, I was driving to the mall - and this very loud tarted up speedy white car pulls up next to me. The driver revs the engine repeatedly, so I look to see what the deal is. At that very moment, the teenage boy driver looks over to see who is driving my car- imagine his dissapointment when he saw me- a 38 year old white woman eating an apple and going to the mall to see what's on sale at Banana Republic. As uncool as it gets. He sped off in a huff.

My Koigu sweater is almost done- I just need to have a seaming session to sew up the sides and arms, add the button bands, and the buttons of course. Oh, and there is that blocking thing, which I decided to hold off on until the button bands and collar are added, thus avoiding any funkiness between the clashing blocked vs. unblocked parts. So far it fits well, but the true test will, of course, come after it is really sewn together- not just held together with bits of lavander yarn.

And now, a random shot of my yarn- Koigu bits and pieces that I bought last weekend.

2 That's what you say!:

Blogger becky said...

That photo of your Koigu is Fine Knit Blog Art. We want more.

I love your 38 woman eating an apple anecdote. I was driving around with my aunt, who is in her 40s but looks better than Catherine Zeta Jones [and she didn't even have surgery!], in her car and when we were at a red light some KID stopped next to us. He revved the engine and then rolled down the window on his passenger side. When we looked over at him he said, "Can I have directions?" And she said, "To where?" And the KID said, "to your house."

EWWWW! He couldn't have been more than 24...if he only knew that she has a son that age. We laughed at him and then sped off.

4:12 AM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

Pity the fool who tries to out race a woman on her way to a sale at Banana Republic.

And, I agree with Becky, that Koigu photo is FAB.

11:21 AM  

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