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Monday, June 12, 2006


Ok, so Blogger was down last week for a few days. Then it went back up, and I wrote a post. Then it went back down and I published my post. My entire post, pictures and all disappeared. Then I got aggravated, and did not get un-aggravated until now. Not that I am complaining- Blogspot blogs are free.

Anyway. Remember a few weeks ago when I sent a 40 year old coupon to Herrschners to get loads of embroidery floss for just a few dollars? Well, recently I received a lovely note from
Shelly letting me know that unfortunately, Herrschners does not honor 40 year old coupons. Sheesh- my career as embroiderer to the stars has ended before it even began. Although Shelly says that my $3 will be returned separately, it seems as though they may have kept it- maybe Shelly bought herself a latte with it.

On another (yet still fascinating) note, my hand dyed raw silk bathroom curtain (didn't I make that sound so fancy?!) panel is moving along. For about one week I killed myself and knit 15 inches of it (it is 20 inches now) but then I was so traumatized by the experience that I needed to take a break from it... 15 inches in six days on size 1 needles is enough to make anyone nuts. Only sixteen more inches to go, and I can move on to another project- which should be peeling all of the wallpaper off of the bathroom walls and painting it. We'll see.

I took a three day handspinning class this weekend. On the way there and home again (it was about 35 minutes away) I listened to my iPod, broadcast over the radio with an iTrip. Well, like most people, I never changed the default radio station that my iTrip broadcasts to. Which means that when I drive next to someone who is also broadcasting their iPod to their radio with their iTrip that they haven't changed, I hear their music. And their music is always bad. The good thing is that while I hear their sucky music, I am sure that they are hearing mine right back, and they are thinking how sucky mine is (which is not true). So then, because I am annoyed at their sucky music infiltrating my car, I drive next to them for a little while, enduring their Toby Keith or whatever badness they are listening to, secure in the knowledge that my Presidents of the United Stated of America or Strokes or whatever I am listening to is making them crazy. Aggressive iPod carcasting. Yet another way in which technology has made our lives better.

3 That's what you say!:

Blogger Carrie K said...

Technology just makes all our lives better, doesn't it? New ways to drive people crazy.

Blogger was a bugger all week. Hate that. Where di you take the spinning lessons at? I drove out to Brentwood yesterday, and Good God. It used to be fields. It's all houses & strip malls now.

10:32 AM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

Too bad about the embroidery yarn but it was worth a shot!

12:49 PM  
Blogger KnitPastis said...

I never knew that about my IPod. Interesting to know for sure. Watch you get addicted now to spinning. I'm addicated to dyeing. LOL

11:35 AM  

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