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Monday, October 29, 2007

Rhinebeck Rhocks!

Last weekend, I went to Rhinebeck with my sister J and her friend K. The day was a lovely New England autumn day (yes yes I know, technically Rhinebeck is not in New England...), and we started out early with our coffees in hand. Sadly, I forgot my actual camera, so these photos were taken with the one on my phone (sorry!).
We arrived just after it opened, when everything was still quite- that didn't last for too long!
There was lots of fun stuff to see (besides yarn!)...
...lots of Autumn scenery.

and plenty of critters!

And of course, lots of hand dyed yarn...
And some tasty treats. I did not try the fried artichokes (or the fried pickles, thank you very much)

On the way home we passed a sight that many Rhinebeck attendees will recognize- The Fork in the Road (I kid you not). And guess what is right across the street from The Fork In the Road?
In Sheeps Clothing... also known as... Morehouse Merino. Woohoo- lovely, soft, hand dyed yarn! You know, becuase we did not get enough at Rhinebeck!
Stay tuned for some of the yummy goodies that I brought back with me!