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Friday, April 01, 2011


Here at Chez LeftCoast, we really like mushrooms. So, just for fun, we decided to try growing some ourselves. We bought a kit to grow Maitake mushrooms, and although we were not completely successful, we did get a nice bunch going down on one corner of the mushroom patch. We think that if we pick that portion and keep watering, more may grow from the rest- here's hoping!A closeup- Yum! We need to come up with a special recipe for them...

You may recall my round robin quilt square from my last post- here it is with the frist two borders on it! Holding it up is the lovely Dee (who is not actually hiding her face, rather she is reading something from a paper on the counter), Cpurl's and my quilting instructor.
And finally, this was spotted on the sidewalk in Berkeley last Saturday.

P.S.- Guess what tomorrow is? That's right- flea market day! As long as it doesn't rain, this will be the inaugural trip of the year, and since we expect it to be very crowded (this is the first week this spring where we have had nice weather), we are leaving at 5:30 in the morning to get good parking!