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Sunday, June 25, 2006

My SP8 is the best!

My Secret Pal is the greatest. Look what a fun package she sent me- she has been telling me that she is stranded on a desert island, so everything had a tropical island theme! She send excellent decorated flip flops (and I looooove flip flops- how can you not love a shoe that comes in every color of the rainbow but costs only $4.95?), a very cool straw bag (perfect for my knitting and very cute too!), stuff to make tropical drinks (ok, maybe tropical jello shots), funky palm tree straws and a coconut glass, and loads of other great stuff! Yay secret pal!

The goodies from inside the bag- a knitting journal, Some Lambs Pride worsted (Noni bag here I come!!! Woohoo!), and two skeins of Plymouth Obsession in really pretty tropical colors that I think will become a moebeus. And in the card that she sent (with a drawing of a person stranded on a tropical island and "need yarn" written in the sand large enough for an airplane to see!), my SP says that there is a clue, presumably to her identity or location. Hmmmm.... Plymouth, Mass? Or the Lambs Pride is made in Nebraska.... Or there were (notice that they make it to the photo...)some Swedish Fish in there...

Here is the decoration from the inside of the package that my SP sent- she has been saying that she is stranded with Wilson from the Tom Hanks movie "Castaway" so there are hashmarks to mark the days, and a little "Wilson was here" grafitti.

Even the Friday the 13th got into the fun!

And on another note, my friends are the greatest too! I have been looking everywhere for Knit Klips, including Stitches West and TKGA but they just weren't to be found anywhere at all except Patternworks. Then the other night I went to my knitting group, and DillyDally Knitter said she had a present for me. She got me some Knit Klips! How excellent is she?

Monday, June 12, 2006


Ok, so Blogger was down last week for a few days. Then it went back up, and I wrote a post. Then it went back down and I published my post. My entire post, pictures and all disappeared. Then I got aggravated, and did not get un-aggravated until now. Not that I am complaining- Blogspot blogs are free.

Anyway. Remember a few weeks ago when I sent a 40 year old coupon to Herrschners to get loads of embroidery floss for just a few dollars? Well, recently I received a lovely note from
Shelly letting me know that unfortunately, Herrschners does not honor 40 year old coupons. Sheesh- my career as embroiderer to the stars has ended before it even began. Although Shelly says that my $3 will be returned separately, it seems as though they may have kept it- maybe Shelly bought herself a latte with it.

On another (yet still fascinating) note, my hand dyed raw silk bathroom curtain (didn't I make that sound so fancy?!) panel is moving along. For about one week I killed myself and knit 15 inches of it (it is 20 inches now) but then I was so traumatized by the experience that I needed to take a break from it... 15 inches in six days on size 1 needles is enough to make anyone nuts. Only sixteen more inches to go, and I can move on to another project- which should be peeling all of the wallpaper off of the bathroom walls and painting it. We'll see.

I took a three day handspinning class this weekend. On the way there and home again (it was about 35 minutes away) I listened to my iPod, broadcast over the radio with an iTrip. Well, like most people, I never changed the default radio station that my iTrip broadcasts to. Which means that when I drive next to someone who is also broadcasting their iPod to their radio with their iTrip that they haven't changed, I hear their music. And their music is always bad. The good thing is that while I hear their sucky music, I am sure that they are hearing mine right back, and they are thinking how sucky mine is (which is not true). So then, because I am annoyed at their sucky music infiltrating my car, I drive next to them for a little while, enduring their Toby Keith or whatever badness they are listening to, secure in the knowledge that my Presidents of the United Stated of America or Strokes or whatever I am listening to is making them crazy. Aggressive iPod carcasting. Yet another way in which technology has made our lives better.