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Sunday, August 27, 2006

My rockin' knitting group!

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee.................
Recently it was my birthday, so my knitting group got together and threw me a little party at knitting! There was cake (chocolate!) wine (red and white), and cider, for those who don't partake. Annnd, there were presents.
How nice are they? What great friends I have!

On another note, my spinning guild had a dye day a while ago, and we dyed self patterning sock yarn. We are suppodes to at least start knitting socks out of it and bring it to spinning guild this week, so I had to get crackin and do mine. The colors are just slightly less fab than I would have imagined, but maybe when I am finished I can get a pair of really excellent boots to cover them up with!

And speaking of socks... the Claudia Handpaint socks on the sidebar have made the plunge into the frog pond. Shockingly, they were too big. Those of you who know me personally and have viewed my feet will understand why I find this shocking.