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Friday, June 29, 2007


I dyed this one myself- I call it "Jimi Hendrix" yarn due to the psychadelic colors.

This is Socks that Rock in Firebird- this months Rockin Sock Club yarn!

This is called "boring brown yarn, but I washed, combed and spun it myself so you have to look at it anyway"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Super Duper Super Sox Box Swap pal!!

I left work today all tired and cranky- I had a long day with lots of meetings and a very short lunch. So you can imagine how nice it was when I arrived home and found this on my doorstep:

It didn't look quite like that, of course (the mail man prefers that you ship in a cardboard box), but it did contain all of the wonderful things that you see, all of the way from Sweden!!

The bag, as you can see , is lovely- beautifully felted in my one of my favorite colors- gray. It is wonderfully soft and has a bit of a halo- maybe there is some alpaca involved? According to my SP, this is her first felting project ever- I am not sure that I believe that (look at the lining!).

There were lots of goodies inside the bag, including yarn- enough for two pairs of socks.

First there was some very pretty ragg yarn "to knit a pair of gray and red traditional Swedish Ragg socks" - and a set of DPNs to knit them with, along with a pattern, translated from Swedish to English by my SP (girl genius). Ragg socks, she says, are meant to be worn over regular socks inside of winter boots. Although it doesn't get that cold here that we would need boots, we here in California are giant babies about the cold and act like the world is going to end if it drops below 50- so Ragg socks will be perfect slipper socks!

Next, (continuing the gray theme) there were two skeins of super cute Strompegarn Jacquard print sock yarn, along with a set of Holz and Stein DPNs (be still my heart) to knit them with. These will be the perfect knitting group project- since the yarn is self patterning, I can knit really pretty socks with no patterning!

The bag was full of neat stuff- pretty flower needle keepers, Earl Gray Tea (keeping with the Gray theme!), a packet of fair trade Vart Goda coffee (that will not make it past tomorrow morning) and a Halge the Moose pen (yes, I did have to Google that!)

oh yes, and there was some candy...

Thank you Secret Pal! You truly made my day!

And here is my crack photography assistant, Friday the 13th, who is wondering why there was no peel-and-eat shrimp in the box!

Finally, here is a tiny tidbit for my gift-ee Secret Pal- I will be shipping your package in a day or two!

Friday, June 01, 2007

(Thank God its) YPF!

Tumblebloom by Hobbledehoy

Confetti, by Rainbow Fibers (Purchased live and in person at my fabulous LYS Knit This Purl That)